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Teeth In a Day

With Implants in a Day, you can get your teeth fixed and leave the office with a provisional set of implant-secured teeth. Now easier than ever before, Dental Implants Scottsdale can have your smile looking better than it has in years, while helping to improve your dental health. Teeth-In-A-Day offers the quickest and most convenient method available for obtaining quality Dental Implants Scottsdale.
For those who have exhausted other dental treatments or for financial reasons don’t want to continue with other dental treatments, Implants In A Day are the perfect choice to restore your smile. The first step in obtaining a more beautiful and healthy smile is to call the Dental Implant Center Scottsdale at 480-614-1122.
During the Implants In A Day consultation, financials are discussed, photos and x-rays will be done and then a patient will be sent to a laboratory for CAT scans. Once the lab returns with the scan results, a plan is formulated and extractions and/or surgery are scheduled.
Once extractions and surgery has taken place, a patient will actually leave the office with a complete provisional set of implant-secured teeth while awaiting their permanent set of custom made implants. The doctor will monitor the healing process, which takes place over several weeks and will conduct post-op checks. A permanent set of implants is then put into place, but the provisional set of implants is kept as back up for a yearly maintenance visit and for cleaning.
Dental Implants Scottsdale has several different financing options that are available for Implants In A Day. Teeth-In-A-Day is a trademark of Nobel Biocare, which is one of the most respected names in dental implants and the company was founded in 2002.
When further regular dental restorative procedures are not a viable option, Teeth-In-A-Day offers a perfect way to restore your facial appearance, restore or improve periodontal tissue and give patients more confidence in their appearance. Implants In A Day by Dental Implants Scottsdale are certainly something to smile about. Contact My Scottsdale Dentist today at 480-614-1122 to find out if dental implants are right for you.