All on 4 Implants Scottsdale, Brand new full set of teeth in just a day in Scottsdale

A dream that patients with dentures or multiple failing teeth often have is to just wake up one day with a full new set of brand new, permanent teeth. Well, this option is no longer just a dream with All on 4 Scottsdale. My Scottsdale Dentist can actually give you a whole new set of permanent teeth in one day.

Sometimes referred to as “All on 4” implants Scottsdale, this procedure uses just four permanent implants- two on each side- to anchor an entire set of permanent teeth to the top or bottom of the mouth. Because each individual tooth doesn’t have to be implanted individually, the procedure can be done very quickly and painlessly while the patient is lightly sedated.

Traditional methods of restoring a full set of teeth required as long as 18 months of work- bone grafts, multiple implants and periods of healing. This lengthy procedure meant that not only did patients spend a lot of time in the dentist’s chair, but they were frequently in discomfort and did not have a full set of functional teeth for over a year.

Replacing dentures with All on 4 teeth is the ideal option. Dentures are frustrating and uncomfortable on a daily basis, whereas All on 4 teeth are not. All on 4 teeth are firmly and permanently fixed, allowing for complete dietary freedom. And All on 4 teeth preserve the bone of the jaw which dentures do not. Having All on 4 teeth implanted can allow most individuals to bypass bone grafting.

An even better option than replacing dentures with All on 4 teeth is bypassing dentures altogether and going straight to All on 4 teeth. Individuals who are about to lose all of their teeth, or all of the upper or lower teeth due to various gum conditions can simply transition from their failing teeth straight to All on 4 permanent teeth.

The procedure is straightforward- the patient comes in to visit Dr. Steven Poulos or Dr. Sid Stevens for an evaluation appointment. During this appointment, measurements are taken and images of the mouth are acquired. The custom-made new teeth are quickly prepared to order, and when convenient for the patient, the patient returns to My Scottsdale Dentist for the implantation procedure. The patient goes home that same day with a brand-new, full set of fully functional teeth, even if extractions were necessary to install the new teeth.

After the implants have fused with the bone (about six months), the teeth themselves are changed out for a better-fitting, more cosmetically pleasing and sturdier set of permanent teeth. Changing the temporary first set of teeth for the permanent teeth is a simple procedure that does not require additional surgery.

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