Imagine Getting Implants in a Day

Imagine Getting Implants in a Day

Can you imagine getting a full set of implants in a day? My Scottsdale Dentist can make this dream a reality. Thanks to an inventive new dental implant technique, failing or missing teeth can now be replaced with beautiful implants in as little as one day.

There are many different reasons why people lose their teeth. Tooth loss can occur because of injury, gum disease or tooth decay. Until the invention of dental implants, the only available treatment options were dentures and bridges. Today, whether a patient wishes to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth or all of his or her teeth, his or her smile can be beautifully restored quickly and efficiently by the dentists at our practice. We can provide a strong foundation for both removable replacement teeth or for fixed, permanent ones that are custom made to match the patient’s natural tooth color.

Without going through months-long, multiple procedures that drag out over time, getting implants in one day can provide countless benefits. Patients have reported remarkable improvements in their appearance. Some even experience improvements in speech. Eating becomes exponentially less complicated with dental implants, as opposed to eating while wearing dentures. Another great benefit of implants is the fact that the surrounding teeth do not have to be altered, which lessens the risks of tooth damage, and leads to overall better oral health.

Implants in a day are much more durable than dentures. In many cases, with proper care, they can last a patient’s entire lifetime. Implants are as close to the patient’s real teeth as anything can get, and are oftentimes an improvement over the originals.

After they are set into place, there is a recovery period while the implants heal. During this period of time, patients are typically instructed to follow a soft food diet for a number of weeks and to return to their dentists for several checkups to make sure everything is healing according to plans.

Dental implants in a day can change a person’s entire outlook on life, providing that individual with a beautiful smile. Getting implants in one day can help that change happen overnight.

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