Implants in a Day: Providing Provisional Implants To Save You Time

Implants in a Day: Providing Provisional Implants To Save You Time

Have you ever dreamed of a time when you could receive  dental  implants in a day here in Scottsdale? While that might still sound futuristic, it’s more than possible here at  My Scottsdale Dentist . While the implants you receive are provisional before the permanent ones are put in, you’re still able to save time in helping improve your smile.

That can be a very useful process if you’re in a hurry to help your teeth look better for an upcoming event. This could be an upcoming high school reunion or even a date scheduled within the next few days. The good news is that our provisional implants will look just like your permanent implants will later.

But how do we make this implants in a day process work so fast? It starts by speeding up many of the details behind implants that used to take so much longer in an earlier era.

Speeding up the Details Beforehand

We’ll help you get through the laborious steps that prepare you for dental implants. Part of this is the financial side of things and working out the insurance paperwork here at our Scottsdale office. We’ve streamlined this process so the dental work can get underway.

It won’t be long and you’ll be ready to go in for photos and x-rays. These used to (and still can) take hours elsewhere. When you get your implants in Scottsdale, improved technology allows x-ray results to be much faster, hence providing more time for you to head to a nearby lab for CAT scans. The latter scans help determine exactly how the implants will fit and to determine any other issues that need addressing in advance.

If you start this procedure by morning, the results from the CAT scans will be in even before midday begins. Then the implants in a day process can finally get underway.

The Procedure

Once your scans are in, we’ll quickly set up a time for extractions on the same day. Surgery may also be needed if necessary, though we guarantee your provisional implants will be in before the day ends. When extractions are done, we’ll immediately fit you with the temporary implants so you can go home with a smile much different from the one you had before.

While your permanent implants will come in weeks later, we’ll have you come for post-op checkups to make sure you’re healing. In the meantime, the implants you already received in a day will look impressive and enable you to take on any event you have scheduled with confidence.

Those temporary implants will also be kept on file here at our Scottsdale office to use for necessary annual maintenance.

Contact us  here at  My Scottsdale Dentist  so we can tell you more about the Implants in a Day program. It’s a new process that your grandparents may be envious of, even though they can still potentially benefit from it themselves.