Emergency Dental care

Come get the friendly service you deserve anytime at My Scottsdale Dentist


Are you suffering from tooth pain or tooth aches? Does it hurt to chew, swallow, or even when your teeth are at rest? If so, you might need to see a dentist right away, not in the morning and not at your dentist’s convenience. My Scottsdale Dentist provides emergency dental services with just a phone call. Dr. Steve Poulos ensures that your visit to My Scottsdale Dentist is nothing but pleasant, welcoming, and comfortable.


If you have had uncomfortable or even frightening visits to a dentist before, you could develop an anxiety about going to the dentist. This, all too common, fear has people missing routine checkups and not getting seen enough by their dentist. Missing regular checkups could lead to even more serious dental complications. My Scottsdale Dentist wants to see you are at your healthiest too! However, in the circumstance of emergency services we can schedule same day appointments and procedures to ease your pain.


Dr. Steve Poulos puts your needs first. He does not want to up-sell clients into anything they may not be able to afford or something they may not need. He wants only the absolute necessities needed to make sure that your dental health is taken care of. Options are always given, but never pressed to the point of driving a client away. Dr. Steve Poulos understands that dental care can be expensive and may take a while to pay off. Clients should not have to pay for anything that is unnecessary.


My Scottsdale Dentist offers a range of services to fit all the needs of you and your family. They range from necessary procedures to cosmetic procedures designed to raise self-esteem and overall approval of your smile. Just some of the services available are: whitening and bleaching of teeth, instant orthodontics and smile lift procedures, silent night treatments to prevent snoring, composite fillings (most commonly used for chipped teeth, gaps between teeth, cracked teeth, or decaying teeth), crowns or caps, denture services, fixed bridges, root canal therapy, periodontal disease, and overall maintenance and cleanings. There is something for everyone at My Scottsdale Dentist and everything is handled in the most sterile way possible to prevent spreading germs from one patient to another.


Our website offers an extensive portfolio with before and after pictures so you can see how much effort and progress we put into restoring smiles for our patients and clients. We demonstrate the work done on implants as well as teeth whitening so you can see the amazing results yourself. We also believe in the power of customer testimonials so you can hear what our clients are saying about our staff, services, pricing and more. You would not go to dentist with doing some research right? Well, at My Scottsdale Dentistwe want you to feel comfortable with your decision to choose us for your dental needs before you even walk through our door.