Snoring Issues and Dental Care

Sawing wood, breaking the sound barrier and waking the dead. They are all phrases that people commonly use to describe nighttime snoring issues. If you are one of the countless Americans faced with having to deal with the nightly bane, take note. Scheduling family dental care in Scottsdale may provide some well deserved relief.

Dr. Steven Poulos and Dr. Sid Stevens have been providing family dental care in Scottsdale for many years. In the process, they have helped solve countless Arizona residents snoring problems. So why not let them do the same for you and your loved ones?

According to dental care experts, Dr. Sid Stevens and Dr. Steven Poulos, snoring issues are actually caused by a restricted airway. Once the airway is restricted, the surrounding tissues start to vibrate with every breath. The vibrations, in turn, make the annoying noises that we all know and despise. Therefore, to make the noises stop, the airway must be cleared.

Based on the My Scottsdale Dental experts experiences, one of the best ways to clear a person’s airway is to order a Silent Nite® device. The device is designed to comfortably adjust a person’s jaw, which helps to keep his or her airway open during the nighttime hours. Each device is custom made with a BPA-free material that is safe for oral use.

Obtaining a Silent Nite device from My Scottsdale Dentist is a rather straightforward affair. It all starts with an appointment to see either Dr. Poulos or Dr. Stevens, our family dental care experts. During the appointment, one of them will take an impression of your teeth. That impression will then be used to create a custom made Silent Nite® device just for you. Once the device is in place, you and your family should experience relief right away.

To learn more about the device and family dental care in Scottsdale, pleasecontact usat (480) 614-1122. When you do, be sure to ask about our new patient offers too.