Supervised Tooth Brushing in Schools

Supervised teeth brushing may happen at school in some places.

A supervising body in England and Wales recently detailed its new recommendations for healthcare and one of the policies included supervised brushing programs in school and nurseries. The goal is to lower the prevalence of decay among children.

Recent statistics indicate that 10 percent of 3-year-olds in England and Wales show signs of dental decay even though the condition could easily be prevented. In some places, more than half of 5-year-olds have decaying teeth. Dentists throughout the United Kingdom have reported more children than in the past need extensive procedures resulting from decaying teeth.

In addition to monitoring brushing, adding more fluoride varnish is pivotal.

As it stands now, many of these children will have major dental problems when they are adults.

The areas with the poorest oral health were areas where poverty is highest.