Invisalign in Scottsdale in AZ Can Help You With Look Your Best

Invisalign in Scottsdale in AZ Can Help You With Look Your Best

You’ve probably seen the commercials for Invisalign in Scottsdale, AZ but may not know much about it. If you’re curious about the best procedure for straightening your teeth, My Scottsdale Dentist can help you look your best with Invisalign.

Invisalign uses the latest technology to create look that you not only can check out before you commit but allows you to get straighter teeth without everyone else seeing the work that goes into it. How it works is that Dr. Poulos at My Scottsdale Dentist works with you to find out just what you need to achieve a straighter smile. Once the correct sequence is made, you wear one set of customized aligners and after about two weeks you are ready for the next set until your teeth are exactly where you want them to be.

One of the benefits of Invisalign in Scottsdale, AZ is that people cannot tell that you have them in. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign is virtually invisible and only you know that they’re in. Another benefit is that you won’t have the metal in your mouth that can cut your mouth or irritate your gums.

So not only do you get to start getting straighter teeth but no one else will know unless you tell them since they’re not able to be seen. The other benefit is that you only take the aligners out when eating, brushing your teeth, and flossing your teeth.

Dr. Steven Poulos and Dr. Sid Stevens at My Scottsdale Dentist can help you with Invisalign in Scottsdale, AZ or many other cosmetic dentistry procedures so that you can look your best. If you want to learn more, simply contact us so we can help.