Invisalign Scottsdale

In the past if you had teeth that weren’t straight you had to wear metal braces that were not only unsightly but caused mouth pain and discomfort. However, technology brought about positive changes and now there’s an alternative to braces – Invisalign Scottsdale helps you achieve that perfect smile without the discomfort or impact on what you eat.

How Invisalign Scottsdale works is by using 3-D computer technology to make custom created aligners that are virtually invisible. You wear Invisalign over your teeth and can remove them when eating, which makes it easier to brush and floss your teeth. You wear each Invisalign Scottsdale aligner for a couple of weeks then move on to another so no tightening has to be done in the office. It takes anywhere from 12-48 months for Invisalign realign your teeth into that perfect look you were meant to have.

There are no metal brackets or wires that can irritate your mouth with Invisalign. Most importantly to some, since Invisalign Scottsdale is virtually invisible you don’t have to worry about your appearance. No one will notice you’re wearing Invisalign which means that you can continue to have confidence in how you look all while your teeth are being straightened into that perfect smile. If you have children or teens Invisalign Scottsdale is a perfect solution to instill confidence in having their teeth fixed since they’re not noticeable like braces.

Both Dr. Steven Poulos and Dr. Sid Stevens at My Scottsdale Dentist are highly experienced in not only perfecting your smile with Invisalign but working with all kinds of patients, even those who typically fear the dentist.

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