Sedation Dentistry Scottsdale

Sedation Dentistry Scottsdale Puts Anxieties And Phobias To Rest, Literally

If you're one of the thousands of people in the Scottsdale area who are putting off having needed dental work done because of anxiety, or an outright phobia of going to the dentist, sedation dentistry Scottsdale is for you. Sedation dentistry Scottsdale uses sedation drugs to calm and relax a patient, or to sedate a patient to the point he or she slips into semi consciousness or outright unconsciousness. The goal of sedation dentistry is to provide patients with an anxiety free experience to counter the tendency of fearful patients to put off necessary dental treatment. There are basically three forms of sedation used in sedation dentistry Scottsdale. The first form is inhalation sedation, in which nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is inhaled. While under the influence of nitrous oxide it's virtually impossible to be anxious about anything. The next form of sedation is oral sedation, which requires a patient to swallow anti-anxiety pills or a liquid sedative. The third method of sedation is having drugs administered directly into the bloodstream via a vein, a procedure known as intravenous or IV. The choice of which form of sedation is used depends on the level of anxiety a patient suffers from, and thus the level of sedation necessary. Of course the choice of sedative and method of administering it are also the one the dentist and anesthesiologist deem to be the best and safest option for the specific patient. No matter which method of sedation is used, or what the level of sedation induced is, sedation dentistry Scottsdale will alleviate the anxiousness of Scottsdale patients, allowing them to undergo the treatment necessary to improve their oral health and hygiene, as well as brighten their smiles. My Scottsdale Dentist specializes in sedation dentistry Scottsdale. If you are afraid of the dentist, call us at +1 (480) 614-1122 or visit our website at

Post Date: August 5, 2013

Emergency Dentists Scottsdale

Are Emergency Dentists Scottsdale, AZ, A Necessity?

The services of an emergency dentist in Scottsdale, or any community for that matter are as necessary as emergency room doctors. An emergency dentist Scottsdale treats injuries to the mouth that may include teeth that are evulsed, the medical term used to describe teeth that were knocked out, as well extruded teeth, teeth that are forced inward or outward, usually as a result of trauma, or fractured teeth. Evulsed, extruded or fractured teeth are injuries that are usually accompanied by lacerations of lips, gums, or cheeks. Such oral injuries are usually accompanied by severe pain, and patients should be seen by an emergency dentist immediately. My Scottsdale Dentist has been seeing emergency patients 24/7 for the past decade and has become the go to in the event of a dental emergency.

An emergency dentist Scottsdale, such as My Scottsdale Dentist, will also treat severe tooth aches, as well as an abscessed tooth causing pain and swelling that could lead to a blood infection known as sepsis. The pain of a severe tooth ache may seem like an emergency, but its cause, a more serious medical condition is an abscessed tooth. An abscess can develop quickly, and sepsis is a life threatening emergency requiring immediate medical attention.  If you are experiencing a severe tooth ache, you should schedule an appointment with My Scottsdale Dentist at your earliest connivance to ensure that you prevent an infection from developing.

Emergency dentists Scottsdale can sometimes be available in the emergency rooms of larger hospitals however, a hospital emergency room is not the place you want to go for a dental emergency unless you are unable to reach your emergency dentist.  My Scottsdale Dentist is on call 24/7 and can see most emergencies within hours of your call.  It's always a good idea to have the number of an emergency dentist Scottsdale handy in case you need them. My Scottsdale Dentist can be reached at 480-614-1122 or visit us at





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