Implants In A Day Can Help Bring Your Smile Back

Implants In A Day Can Help Bring Your Smile Back

It is likely that you have heard about dental implants, but you may not be completely sure about why people get these implants. On the other hand, you could also know plenty about implants and you need a dental implants dentist. Regardless of what question applies to you, we want to give you advice on why you may need dental implants.

Having dental implants in a day in Scottsdale will give you the freedom that you are looking for in your life. You will not have to make multiple dental appointments and change your schedule just because you need implants. Dental implants are the best choice and option for many people. Implants are generally more comfortable for patients, and they give you a natural look. The implants will also last longer than other available alternatives.

Here are a few reasons and signs that you may want to consider dental implants.

You Want A Boost In Your Confidence

We understand that not everyone is comfortable with their appearance. If you are uncomfortable with your smile, then you have the right to do something about it. No one should feel that he or she should hide a smile. However, it can be uncomfortable for people to show a smile because of their teeth. Dental implants are more natural-looking than dentures. When you have dental implants and showcase your new smile, many people will have no idea that you are wearing implants.

Uncomfortable Eating Foods

Implants will help restore the teeth that have been damaged so you can continue eating your favorite foods and speaking more comfortably. You will not have to suffer through a meal because you are uncomfortable chewing your food. Dental implants are worth having, especially for those who have to make uncomfortable adjustments to their daily lives because of missing teeth.

Additional Reasons Why You May Need Implants

  • You are wearing dentures
  • You are suffering from bone loss
  • Your current dental work needs more support
  • You have lost one or more teeth

Typically, people consider replacing a tooth as soon as it comes out. The implants that you receive in one day will last for the rest of your life, and they will match the shades of your other teeth. You will now be able to showcase your smile with no hesitation.

If you are interested in having implants in a day in Scottsdale, contact us.

Post Date: February 17, 2015

Is Tooth Whitening Safe

Is Tooth Whitening in Safe?

Although everyone loves a white smile, many people who undergo tooth whitening procedures wonder if it is damaging their teeth- they worry it is weakening or degrading the structure of the tooth.  How Does Tooth Whitening Work? A professional tooth whitening in Scottsdale treatment uses a hydrogen peroxide agent that bleaches the enamel of the teeth. Most at-home tooth whitening kits use similar compounds but at lower concentrations. At-home chemicals are applied to the teeth for longer periods than the stronger solutions used in a one-hour professional whitening session. Side Effects Known side effects of tooth whitening include temporary tooth sensitivity. If the bleaching agent was allowed to get onto the soft tissues of the mouth (much more common with at-home kits) then these tissues may become irritated. Both the tooth sensitivity and tissue irritation go away after a few days.  ADA The American Dental Association (ADA) says that having a professional tooth whitening or using an ADA-approved home kit is considered to be safe. The ADA does admit that the safety of repeated unsupervised use of home kits is unknown. The ADA urges individuals who want whiter teeth to consult their dentist about the pros and cons of doing so, and to discuss the best approach. Patients with crowns, bridges and implants should definitely discuss the safety of exposing these materials to whitening agents with their dentist before proceeding. Studies In 2006, the Cochrane Collaboration conducted an independent review of tooth whitening. At that time, no study followed up patients for more than a month after the procedure. The only short-time side effects reported were tooth sensitivity and gum irritation. In 2011, a review of the evidence reported that tooth whitening did not erode or damage tooth enamel. This review included a number of laboratory studies of teeth. They found that tooth enamel could be eroded by tooth bleaching agents but only under extreme conditions invented in the laboratory that have little relevance to actual tooth whitening. Studies performed of actual living teeth being whitened suggested that there is a slight softening of the tooth enamel for about a week after a whitening procedure. During this week, it might be best to avoid using a very abrasive type of toothpaste.  Safety? So there is no need to worry- if done as directed, tooth whitening is safe both in the short-term and in the long-term. There will be some temporary changes in the sensitivity and structure of the tooth, but this will pass harmlessly after a few days. The idea that tooth-whitening is weakening or eroding away the tooth is unfounded. It is, however, best to consult Dr. Steven Poulos or Dr. Sid Stevens before proceeding with tooth whitening in Scottsdale. Dental work may not respond to whitening agents in the same way that natural teeth do. And some types of tooth discoloration simply do not respond to tooth whitening. At My Scottsdale Dentist we can examine your teeth and provide professional yet friendly advice on the best way to improve your smile. If you're unhappy with the way your teeth look, contact us today for an appointment.

Post Date: February 5, 2015

Children’s Dental Hygiene

Children's dental hygiene is a concern from the moment a child's first teeth come in, but treatment doesn't necessarily start right away. Says Cindy, dental hygienist at My Scottsdale Dentist, It's more monitoring and education than strictly treatment until they are about a year old, usually. We don't want to leave a bad impression with kids.

Some kids open right up, said Cindy of kids willingness to begin hygienic maintenance. Other kids, we don't push into it. We are more concerned with making them comfortable than getting them in the chair right away.

Early maintenance is important, however: without proper care, children's teeth can become infected or abscessed, causing intense pain. Some primary molars, located near the back of the mouth, aren't replaced until ages 10 to 14. Those teeth have to last until they are naturally replaced -- losing them early due to neglect or poor hygiene can cause problems that extend beyond a child's chompers later in life.

Steven H. Poulos, doctor at My Scottsdale Dentist in Scottsdale, AZ, is familiar with some of those problems -- and they are not always strictly physical. Lack of proper dental hygiene can lead to bad breath, which lowers a child's self-confidence during an important time in the development of their social skills, said Dr. Poulos.

Many bad habits are also unrelated to brushing and flossing, warned Steven Poulos DDS. Digit sucking and protracted pacifier use can lead to palate complications and a malformed bite.

There are a few distinct aspects that separate kids dentistry from adults. Length of appointments, types of treatment and their frequency make every visit unique -- just like the smiles that they are meant to keep healthy.

We usually to concentrate more on education with kids than adults, though we try to educate anyone who comes in about how to brush properly, about eating good foods, et cetera, said Poulos. Kids also always get fluoride treatment, where an adult might only receive it based on their history of cavities.

Another facet of kids dental care is one that's widely feared by most: braces. Not all kids need or get them -- Dr. Poulos said that the need is evaluated on a case-by-case basis by around age six -- and their necessity can be dictated by a few factors like genetics and certain puerile habits. That digit-sucking Steven Poulos mentioned? It forces the teeth into an unnatural shape and can lead to a misshapen bite and teeth that don't come in as they should.

At that point, braces might be the best bet at wrangling in the displaced rogue teeth.

Kids have heard from their parents -- and parents, from their dentists -- that candy, sugary drinks like soda and even pacifiers can cause dental issues down the road. But there are a couple of less-obvious practices that even parents might not suspect for the degradation of their child's dental health.

Poulos's chosen culprit? Sports drinks in older kids, Doc said, âcan be as bad for the teeth as any soda. Another dentally-dangerous habit, according to Dr. Poulos, is putting kids to sleep with bottled milk as opposed to water due to the concentration of sugar in the former. Everyone notices a nice smile, just like how everyone notices a bad one. There are many principles and practices that can help ensure the health of a child's smile, but the most important tenet is education. Parents know that children can be obstinate about avoiding bad foods, limiting sugary drinks and actually brushing their teeth twice a day, but a pea-sized lesson every day can save you and your kid time, money and grief down the road.

Kids have age on their side, said Dr. Stevens. There's time for them to begin practicing healthy habits that adults don't have. That gives them all the more reason to pay attention and start developing those healthy habits early.

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When to Choose Veneers in Scottsdale Over Bleaching Your Teeth

When to Choose Veneers in Scottsdale Over Bleaching Your Teeth

A brilliant smile is a thing of beauty. There is no denying that a well-cared for smile lights up the room. When seeking to improve their smile, many patients often consider teeth whitening to be the default option. Bleaching your teeth to gain a brighter smile is a well-known technique, but does not always produce the results people desire. When are Veneers in Scottsdale favorable over traditional teeth whitening by bleaching?

Unfortunately, many times patients do not realize that the color of their teeth does not solely define their smile until after treatment. Patients come in desiring a picture perfect smile and believe a quick whitening treatment will solve all their problems. However, afterwards they are often disappointed with the results. When properly applied, bleaching does yield high quality results. The problem is people tend to focus solely on the color of their teeth when this is only a portion of the issue. The shape, contour, and harmony of their teeth play a huge role in the aesthetic appeal of your smile. When color is improved, other flaws suddenly become more apparent.

Porcelain veneers offer a permanent and pain free way to change your whole smile, including the shade, shape, size and position of your teeth. Bleaching yields the best results on younger patients who possess straight teeth with few signs of wear or tear. The average patient's teeth are flawed. They are crooked, either too long or too short, and possess at least a couple of small chips. Unfortunately, these small flaws are amplified by bleaching.

Many patients consider veneers after being disappointed with the results of teeth whitening. If you are unhappy with your smile, contact My Scottsdale Dentist. Dr. Poulos and Dr. Stevens will evaluate your teeth and review your options. They will be happy to explain how veneers create a beautifully shaped, long lasting smile, not just whiter teeth.

Post Date: February 5, 2015