Did You Receive Veneers in Scottsdale? Let Us Help You Properly Care For Them

Did You Receive Veneers in Scottsdale? Let Us Help You Properly Care For Them

When you want to create a wonderful smile, porcelain veneers are a great and affordable option. Porcelain veneers are not only affordable, but they are also very durable. However, even though they have great durability; you will still need to properly care for them the same way you would your natural teeth.

For many people, their veneers can last up to fifteen years. However, you can get more years out of your veneers when you properly care for them. After you get your veneers at My Scottsdale Dentist in Scottsdale, the following tips are recommended to properly care for your veneers.

Oral Hygiene

We all know how important oral hygiene is, but sometimes people do not put in the time and effort to care for their mouth. Your veneers will not decay, but you will have areas of your teeth that will become exposed. The areas of the teeth that become exposed will be vulnerable to decay. You should brush your veneers at least two times every day.

When deciding on the kind of toothbrush you should use to brush your veneers, you should use a soft toothbrush. Using non-abrasive toothpaste is also an important component to caring for your teeth. If you use a hard toothbrush, it can be destructive to your veneers. When you are selecting a new toothbrush, be sure to purchase one with soft bristles.

Harmful Habits

Do you have a habit of chewing on hard objects, such as pencils, pens, or ice? If you do, you should stay away from those habits because it can cause damage to your veneers. You should also avoid grinding your teeth; you should avoid doing this regardless if you have veneers or your natural teeth.

If you have a habit of drinking sodas or coffee, you should try to avoid these drinks. We understand it can be difficult to avoid these things, but if you must drink these, you should use a straw so there will be little contact with your veneers.

If you have any questions or concerns about caring for your veneers, you should not hesitate to contact Dr. Steven Poulos and Dr. Sid Stevens today.

Post Date: August 10, 2015

How Can You Maintain And Care For Your Veneers?

How Can You Maintain And Care For Your Veneers?

In a number of ways, maintaining and caring for your veneers can be compared to taking care of your normal teeth. However, there can be special considerations that you need to think about when you are caring for your veneers. When you choose to have your veneers done in Scottsdale, regular visits and using proper care will ensure that you keep the color and texture for several years. If you do not properly care for your veneers, they can easily become chipped, cracked, stained, loose, or they could just come off completely.

When you follow the advice below, you should be able to maintain your veneers and your smile.

Care At Home

When you brush your teeth and floss your teeth regularly, you are making an important step in maintaining the health of your veneers. At My Scottsdale Dentist, our doctors, Dr. Steven Poulos and Dr. Sid Stevens, will give you recommendations on the kind of toothpaste you should purchase to use with your veneers. Yes, there are toothpastes that are made just for veneers to ensure you keep that beautiful smile.

You should give your veneers the same kind of attention that you would give your normal teeth. This care and attention is extremely important in keeping your overall oral hygiene at a top-notch level. You can still develop different types of periodontal diseases or gum diseases when you have veneers. If you do not properly care for your veneers, you may face years of dental problems.

At My Scottsdale Dentist, we have the equipment and experience to clean your veneers without causing any damage or discoloration. When you have a proper cleaning, you can actually get rid of some of the discoloration. You will not be able to whiten your veneers by using a teeth whitening kit.

If you want to learn how we can help you care for and maintain your veneers, contact us today.


Post Date: June 10, 2015

Veneers in Scottsdale: You Should No Longer Neglect Your Smile

Veneers in Scottsdale: You Should No Longer Neglect Your Smile

If you have been neglecting your smile for an extended period of time because you were unsure of how to fix it, your wait is over. Getting dental veneers in Scottsdale is a great option and might just be the solution you have been searching for.

It's quite common for people to avoid going to the dentist out of embarrassment or because they are just unsure what can be done to fix their smiles. Fortunately, modern dentistry offers a wide array of new procedures that can easily fix a less than perfect smile.

The dentists at My Scottsdale Dentist love transforming smiles. They're experts at addressing their patients concerns helping them to feel great about their smile. If you've been thinking of fixing your smile, we have a variety of treatments that can be used to improve your look including veneers. Veneers in Scottsdale might be the perfect solution for you.

Concerns Veneers can easily address:

Teeth Are Discolored

If you constantly drink sodas, coffee, wine, etc., then your teeth may be discolored and whitening treatments might not be enough. Veneers can be made to fit your mouth. Veneers in Scottsdale are stain resistant, so you will not have to limit yourself to what you can eat and drink. This also means that your new smile will last for many years to come.

Gap In Teeth

Many people who have a gap-toothed smile do not feel comfortable smiling. Veneers are a great solution for fixing a gap in your smile.

Veneers in Scottsdale are worth the investment. Veneers are tough and durable, and they can easily conceal tooth damage and improve the overall look of your smile. You can whiten your teeth, straighten your teeth, and repair your smile all with veneers at My Scottsdale Dentist. If you would like additional information or if you are considering booking an appointment, contact us today.

Post Date: May 11, 2015

When to Choose Veneers in Scottsdale Over Bleaching Your Teeth

When to Choose Veneers in Scottsdale Over Bleaching Your Teeth

A brilliant smile is a thing of beauty. There is no denying that a well-cared for smile lights up the room. When seeking to improve their smile, many patients often consider teeth whitening to be the default option. Bleaching your teeth to gain a brighter smile is a well-known technique, but does not always produce the results people desire. When are Veneers in Scottsdale favorable over traditional teeth whitening by bleaching?

Unfortunately, many times patients do not realize that the color of their teeth does not solely define their smile until after treatment. Patients come in desiring a picture perfect smile and believe a quick whitening treatment will solve all their problems. However, afterwards they are often disappointed with the results. When properly applied, bleaching does yield high quality results. The problem is people tend to focus solely on the color of their teeth when this is only a portion of the issue. The shape, contour, and harmony of their teeth play a huge role in the aesthetic appeal of your smile. When color is improved, other flaws suddenly become more apparent.

Porcelain veneers offer a permanent and pain free way to change your whole smile, including the shade, shape, size and position of your teeth. Bleaching yields the best results on younger patients who possess straight teeth with few signs of wear or tear. The average patient's teeth are flawed. They are crooked, either too long or too short, and possess at least a couple of small chips. Unfortunately, these small flaws are amplified by bleaching.

Many patients consider veneers after being disappointed with the results of teeth whitening. If you are unhappy with your smile, contact My Scottsdale Dentist. Dr. Poulos and Dr. Stevens will evaluate your teeth and review your options. They will be happy to explain how veneers create a beautifully shaped, long lasting smile, not just whiter teeth.

Post Date: February 5, 2015

Achieve Your Perfect Smile in Time For Holiday Photos With Veneers in Scottsdale

Achieve Your Perfect Smile in Time For Holiday Photos With Veneers in Scottsdale

You look forward to the holidays all year. You love seeing the whole family together and the smiles on your kid's faces when they open the perfect present. As your looking back through last year's photos you can't help but notice the beautiful bright, white teeth of your children and your not so bright teeth. You've always been a little self-conscious. After all, you couldn't help but notice they've been looking a little dull lately, but seeing it laid out for eternity in the family photo album is a little unnerving. Sure, you could give up smiling, but there is a better option. Veneers in Scottsdale can give you the beautiful smile you've always dreamed of in time for this year's holiday photos.

Porcelain veneers are made up of a compilation of thin ceramic layers and a thin adhesive later. To apply the veneers a minimal amount of tooth enamel is removed to create room for the veneers. This allows a better fit and a more natural appearance.

Veneers are an excellent choice for teeth that have become dull or discolored, teeth that are fractured, gaps between teeth, and misshapen teeth. If your teeth have yellowed over time or become dull because of superficial stains, porcelain veneers may be the best option.

After removing a small amount of enamel, the dentist will make an impression of your teeth. This model is used to construct your veneers in as little as 1-2 weeks. The dentist will then prepare your teeth for the veneers by cleaning, polishing, and etching them. A special cement is then used to apply the veneers to your teeth. After which the dentist will use a special light to bond the veneer causing it to harden and cure quickly. After any excess cement is removed, the dentist will ask you to return in a couple of weeks to examine the veneer's placement, how your bite is adjusting, and how your gums are responding to the veneers.

Contact us for more information on how to have your perfectly white smile in time for this holiday season. If you're unhappy with the color and shape of your teeth, porcelain veneers may be the perfect option for restoring your youthful smile.

Post Date: December 11, 2014

Veneers in Scottsdale Are More Than Just For Cosmetic Reasons Alone

Veneers in Scottsdale Are More Than Just For Cosmetic Reasons Alone

If you're not familiar with Veneers in Scottsdale and have only heard about them in passing then you may think they are only for celebrities or the super wealthy. We've all heard of celebrities getting Veneers and have seen the results, which are usually excellent. However, what you may not realize is that Veneers do more than just make your smile look pretty. Here are a few other benefits of Veneers in Scottsdale that you may not realize.

  • Restores Damaged Teeth. One of the benefits of Veneers is that it helps teeth that are damaged. Instead of having to get a procedure that is invasive, teeth that have been fractured or even traumatized can be restored and the procedure doesn't even need the use of local anesthetics.
  • Corrects Teeth. Teeth that look crooked or are misaligned can actually be corrected with Veneers from My Scottsdale Dentist. There are other ways to correct teeth but Veneers also make your smile whiter and brighter while correcting the teeth.
  • Strengthens Teeth. A lot of things make the teeth that you have weaker and while you might be under the impression that this procedure would weaken your teeth, this is far from true. In fact, Veneers actually help strengthen your existing teeth that have been weakened from procedures such as fillings and root canals.

There are many other reasons that Veneers may be right for you and Dr. Steven Poulos and Dr. Sid Stevens with My Scottsdale Dentist can discuss your options. Along with making your smile look better, now you know that Veneers in Scottsdale do way more than just that. To learn more about Veneers or any other procedures we do, simply contact us.

Post Date: September 18, 2014

Veneers in Scottsdale Make Your Smile the Way You Want

Veneers in Scottsdale offer an alternative to a beautiful smile. It's rare that someone has perfect teeth. While it may look like every celebrity has a straight, white smile, most of them may have had help getting that look. In fact, some of the best teeth in Hollywood used to be some of the worst. If you're still not convinced, check out Tom Cruise before he had his teeth done or Ben Affleck from a few years back.

Whether you have crooked, damaged, stained, or teeth that you don't like, getting Veneers in Scottsdale can ensure that you have the look that you want. Best of all, Dr. Steven Poulos and Dr. Sid Stevens at My Scottsdale Dentist make it easy for you.

You simply go in and have your teeth prepared for the Veneers and if they're composite Veneers then it only takes one appointment typically. If you choose ceramic ones it takes a couple of more visits. The good news is that you you get to see each Veneer as it is placed on your teeth where the color can be adjusted to suit your needs. Once you're satisfied with the look the Veneers in Scottsdale are cemented in and you're all set.

Once you have your new Veneers in Scottsdale you can finally have the look you want. It not only adds confidence to your smile but it'll help your appearance and add to your success in life.

If you want to learn more about choosing Veneers or anything about My Scottsdale Dentist, just contact us and we can help.

Post Date: July 29, 2014


One of the easiest ways to improve the look of your smile is through veneers. My Scottsdale Dentist specializes in Cosmetic Dentistry using veneers as a way to correct minor flaws in your teeth including the shape and color. A veneer is an ultra thin piece of porcelain that is created from a mold of your teeth and are an excellent alternative to crowns in many situations. They provide a much more conservative approach to changing a tooth's color, size or shape. Veneers can mask undesirable defects, such as teeth stained by tetracycline and damage due to an injury or as a result of a root-canal procedure. They are ideal for masking discolored fillings in front teeth. Patients with gaps between their front teeth or teeth that are chipped or worn may consider veneers. Generally, veneers will last for many years, and the technique has shown remarkable longevity when properly performed. What happens during the procedure? Patients may need up to three appointments for the entire procedure: diagnosis and treatment planning, preparation and bonding. It's critical that you take an active role in the smile design. Spend time in the planning of your new smile with Dr. Poulos of My Scottsdale Dentist. Understand the corrective limitations of the procedure. To prepare the teeth for the veneers, Dr. Poulos will lightly buff your teeth to allow for the small added thickness of the veneer. Usually, about half a millimeter of the tooth is removed, which may require a local anesthetic. Composite resin veneers are generally done in one appointment. After the tooth is prepared, the dentist carefully bonds and sculpts the composite material onto your teeth. For ceramic veneers, a mold is taken of the teeth, which is sent to the laboratory for the fabrication of the veneers. This may take several days. If the teeth are too unsightly, a temporary veneer can be placed, at an additional cost. When your ceramic veneers are ready, Dr. Poulos of My Scottsdale Dentist will  place each veneer on the teeth to check their fit and get a sense of the shade or color. While the veneers are resting on your teeth, view the results, and pay particular attention to the color. At this point, the color of the veneers can still be adjusted with the shade of the cement to be used. The color cannot be altered after veneers are cemented. To apply the veneer, the tooth is cleansed with specific chemicals to achieve a bond. Once a special cement is sandwiched between the veneer and tooth, a light beam hardens the cement. For about a week or two, you will go through a period of adjustment as you get used to your "new" teeth that have changed in size and shape. Brush and floss daily. After one or two weeks, Dr. Poulos will ask you to return for a follow-up appointment. For more information and to get started with your new smile, call us today at My Scottsdale Dentist at 480-614-1122.

Post Date: October 12, 2012