Family Dentistry

In order to determine the best course of treatment, My Scottsdale Dentist uses a variety of diagnostic tools.


X-rays help us to really see what’s going on. They allow us to see in between the teeth and under existing fillings to help us detect tooth decay. X-rays also allow us to check the health of the bone supporting the teeth.

Diagnostic Impressions

Dr. Poulos take diagnostic impressions to ensure the fit of any crown, bridge, or denture. The exact shape of your teeth and gums is molded in a flexible mixture that sets quickly. The mold is then used to create a replica of your mouth.

Comprehensive Oral Exams

The first step in any dental care plan is to determine your existing health conditions. All first-time patients receive a comprehensive examination, to include documenting your medical history, taking full x-rays, screening for oral cancer, examining periodontal (gum) condition, checking each tooth for cavities, and examining your jaw and bite.

Periodic Oral Exams

Once you are an established patient with a preventive dental care plan, you will want to see us regularly for cleanings and check-ups. Periodic exams are important for maintaining your healthy smile.

Consultation and Treatment Planning

Oral health is a lifelong concern. My Scottsdale Dentist, Scottsdale, Az  takes the time to ensure you understand the conditions that need treatment and create a plan for correcting them. Dr. Poulos will also discuss the options for any cosmetic treatments you may be interested in. Additionally, we will outline a regular course of preventive care.

Gum Disease Diagnosis

Gum disease is much more common than people think. My Scottsdale Dentist will examine your gums for disease and determine the best course of treatment. Regular, careful brushing and flossing are essential to gum health.

Oral Cancer Screening

Anyone who smokes or uses chewing tobacco are especially at risk for oral cancer, but everyone who comes to us for a comprehensive exam is checked. No one is immune to cancer and as with any other disease, early detection and treatment important.