Cosmetic Dentistry in North Scottsdale

Do you have a smile that you are less than proud of? If you have been considering cosmetic dentistry in North Scottsdale but are not quite sure what to do or where to go, then we can help. For many people, cosmetic dentistry can be a way to get the absolute most out of their unique smiles. While there are many forms of dentistry and dental procedures that people have done each day, many are not cosmetic in nature. Procedures such as fillings and cavities are for the health of your teeth and have less to do with the look and beauty of your smile. For those seeking to beautify their smile though, we offer many cosmetic dentistry options to choose from at My Scottsdale Dentist. We believe that everyone is entitled to look their best, and for so many of our patients, cosmetic dentistry can make that happen. My Scottsdale Dentist Services: Veneers: Veneers are very simply a thin porcelain cover which is created from a mold taken of your teeth and placed on top of your existing teeth. In addition to looking great, veneers are a simple way to improve any smile with a minimal amount of invasive work to our patients. Dental Implants: Dental implants are for those instances where there are missing teeth for any variety of reasons. We place an implant in the jaw and over the course of several appointments attach the replacement tooth to the implant post. Because the implants are placed directly in the jaw bone, and use metal posts for stability, dental implants are incredibly strong and great looking. Dentures: Dentures are meant to be used in those instances where there are several or many missing teeth. A custom denture will be made for you and fitted to create a natural looking smile. Dentures are designed to be a long-term solutions for many patients with missing teeth. Teeth Whitening: Teeth whitening is perfect for anybody looking to simply brighten up their smile. If you have years of discoloration in your teeth caused from smoking or dark beverage drinking a teeth whitening is what you are looking for. With our Venus teeth whitening system you can be sure that your smile makeover will look beautiful for years to come. Invisalign & Orthodontics: Invisalign are revolutionary braces that are almost undetectable by most people. Because they are clear and not made with a lot of brackets and wires, they are ideal for people looking to straighten up their smile without it being as obvious as traditional orthodontic methods. Invisalign provides amazing results and are custom made, and can be completed in as few as 12 steps or as many as 48 for more problematic cases. No matter the time period, you will be sure to get a wonderful smile with minimum discomfort. Cosmetic dentistry provides a lot of options for patients. Whether you are in need of a complete smile makeover or you just need a small touch up for that class reunion, My Scottsdale Dentist are here to make your smile wonderful again.

Post Date: April 28, 2013