Emergency Dental Care Scottsdale

Most families have put some degree of thought as to what they would do if someone in their family has an emergency. But what interesting to learn is that most families forget to think about dental emergencies. What would you do if someone in your family was in need of Emergency Dental Care Scottsdale? My Scottsdale Dentist offers Emergency Dental Care Scottsdale 24 hours a day, 7 days week. It's important to understand what a dental emergency is. There are many situations that constitute a dental emergencies required immediate care. Chipped, broken, or cracked tooth Technically this is not an emergency, but  these situations still require dental care as soon as possible. Even if it's a holiday or during off-business hours, call My Scottsdale Dentist to see if you need immediate Emergency Dental Care Scottsdale. A tooth that has been knocked out If you or someone you know has a tooth knocked out, the first thing to do is to take the tooth and rinse its roots carefully, without scrubbing it or removing any pieces of tissue that may still be attached. If possible, try to gently insert the tooth back into its socket, and hold it in place. If this isn't possible, according to the American Dental Association you should then place your tooth in milk, which will act as a preservative until you can see Dr. Poulos for Emergency Dental Care Scottsdale. Lost filling or crown Whenever possible, you should put the filling in a safe place until you are able to get into see Dr. Poulos. Clove oil can be dabbed near the area of the tooth and on the gums to decrease sensitivity. Painful swelling in your mouth or jaw area This could indicate an abscess or other sort of localized infection that can lead to a systemic-wide infection, and so you should try to see a Dr. Poulos for Emergency Dental Care Scottsdale  as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can alleviate the pain and swelling by rinsing your mouth with saltwater. Toothache Rinse your mouth out with warm water to clean it out. Then, use dental floss to make sure that there is no debris stuck in between teeth that could be causing the problem. Don't put any painkillers of any sort on your gums, as this can burn the gum tissue. Take ibuprofen as needed, but if the pain persists, get into see Dr. Poulos, as this could be an indication of a more serious problem. Knowing your options is an important part of getting good Emergency Dental Care Scottsdale. Remember, My Scottsdale Dentist and Dr. Steve Poulos offer care 24/7. Call us at 480-614-1122.

Post Date: March 24, 2013