Emergency Dentistry in Scottsdale, AZ

Emergency Dentistry is a term used to describe any need for immediate dental care. The need for immediate dental care or emergency dental care in Scottsdale, AZ may include any of the following situations.
  • A tooth that falls out, in which case you can try to place the tooth back into its socket and get to a dentist right away. Tooth pain is a cause for immediate attention from a dentist in Scottsdale, AZ. Even minor pain signifies the need to seek out dental treatment.
  • Tooth infection which may also produce pain and is a need for immediate attention. Tooth abscesses require immediate preliminary treatment and then can be further addressed during regular office hours.
  • Swollen gums.
  • Mouth cuts.
  • Broken dentures.
  • Lost crowns or fillings that require replacement.
  • Tooth damage, such as, a tooth crack or tooth chip.
Emergency dentistry in Scottsdale AZ should not be ignored. Initially, your dentist may only treat you with prescription-strength analgesics and/or antibiotics to provide immediate relief until you can be treated during regular office hours. Alternatively, you may be able to receive complete treatment in one dental visit at your current dentist. For example, dental crowns traditionally require two dental visits. Yet, dental crowns can be fabricated and placed in one dental visit at the practice of Dr. Steven Poulos My Scottsdale Dentist with the use of the Cerec same day porcelain crown system. On the bright side, emergency dentistry Scottsdale may lend the opportunity for you to bring your oral cavity up-to-date with more aesthetically pleasing dental materials, such as, composite tooth colored dental fillings instead of mercury fillings. Dental bonding works well for small chips and cracks. Dental veneers can protect weakened tooth structures. Emergency dentistry in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Paradise Valley, Chandler, or Mesa is best when seeking out the advice of a highly experienced dentist. Highly experienced dentists using the latest technology and those who participate in continuing education courses to be kept up-to-date tend to offer advantages in treatment. For emergency dentistry in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Paradise Valley, Chandler, and Mesa, we invite you to contact us! We do our best to accommodate all dental emergencies.

Post Date: April 25, 2013