Cosmetic Dentistry Scottsdale

Cosmetic Dentistry Scottsdale

A radiant, healthy smile is something to be proud of.  Cosmetic dentistry Scottsdale focuses on improving the appearance of your teeth, mouth and smile. In the recent past there has been a dramatic increase in cosmetic dentistry and thanks to advances in the field Dr. Poulos is committed to assist patients in achieving the confidence and happiness of a beautiful smile.

Cosmetic dentistry Scottsdale treatments can:

  • Alter the size, shape and alignment of certain teeth
  • Close gaps between teeth
  • Correct or improve bite problems
  • Change the color of teeth to a more desirable shade
  • Restore decayed, broken, cracked or chipped teeth
  • Replace missing teeth.
  • Replace old, unsightly dental treatments with more aesthetically pleasing ones

Cosmetic dentistry Scottsdale treatments and services at My Scottsdale Dentist include:


Veneers are very thin pieces of durable, tooth-shaped porcelain custom made by a professional dental laboratory. They are securely affixed to the front of your teeth, leaving the underlying structure of your teeth intact. The end result is a tooth that is restored to its natural shape, size and function, but indistinguishable from other teeth.

Porcelain veneers are safe, effective solutions used to resolve a number of cosmetic issues including: Crooked teeth, Misshaped teeth, Discolored or stained teeth, Teeth that are too large or too small, Uneven gaps between teeth, Worn or chipped teeth

Dental Implants

For a complete Cosmetic Dentistry Scottsdale smile makeover, dental implants are an option. A dental implant is an artificial root made of titanium metal. It is inserted into the jawbone to replace the root of the natural tooth. An artificial replacement tooth is attached to the implant. The implant acts as an anchor to hold the replacement tooth in place.


Dentures are artificial replacements for your natural teeth and gums. If an accident, a disease or poor oral health care has left you with only a few healthy teeth or none at all, your dentist might suggest dentures to replace your missing teeth. There are 2 types of dentures: partial and complete. For both types of dentures your dentist makes a model of your teeth by taking impressions. The models are used to custom-make your dentures.

Teeth Whitening

One of the fastest Cosmetic Dentistry Scottsdale treatments is teeth whitening. Whitening of the teeth is performed for patients who desire a brighter smile. Available in a variety of forms, professional teeth whitening procedures offer patients many options to address their unique needs and preferences. The most popular treatment is in-office whitening followed by take-home bleaching trays. Tooth whitening is not a permanent solution, and the more you smoke and drink coffee, tea or wine, the more touchups you may need.

Invisalign and Orthodontics 

Today's braces are smaller and less noticeable. Besides the traditional metal braces, there are tooth-colored ceramic braces that are less noticeable. Braces and elastics can also be multi-colored. Invisalign is a system of clear aligners as an alternative to traditional braces.  We will help you make a choice.

At My Scottsdale Dentist - We Love to make you Smile.  We will show you how cosmetic dentistry can change your life for the better!


Post Date: January 11, 2013

Dental Tips for Halloween from My Scottsdale Dentist

It's almost Halloween! Costume stores are springing up, yards are decorated with ghoulish décor, and our day of sweet indulgence without guilt is almost here. Everywhere you look, there's your favorite candy or chocolate wrapped in scary yet appealing packaging. What! It's Halloween. Well, to all the sweet tooth Halloween lovers -both adults and kids- here are some practical tips from My Scottsdale Dentist who shares your love for all things sweet.
  1. Sort the candy. When you are raiding your five-year-old's candy bag at 2 in the morning, separate the stack into two parts. Place the taffy, the caramels, the gummy bears, anything that is sticky, chewy or sour into the first pile. All of the other candy goes into the second pile.
  2. Avoid the first pile. Dental cavities have a proven cause-and-effect relationship with extended exposure to sugary or sour substances. Oral bacteria thrives in this environment and converts these substances to acid that can, in turn, lead to cavities.
  3. Watch your family's consumption of these sweet treats during this season. A great tip is to leave the candy wrappers in a visible area so that you remember how many of these ghoulish confections you've eaten.
  4. Chew sugar-free gum to help you ration your sweet intake. Ingredients like Xylitol and Sorbitol, low calorie sweeteners found in some gum, can actually be beneficial to your oral health. Research has shown that these sweeteners starve destructive bacteria, allowing your mouth to replenish minerals to your teeth. Get advice from your Dentist on the frequency and amount recommended.
  5. Dr. Steve Poulos recommends talking to your kids about oral health. This is a great time to reinforce the twice-a-day brushing routine and the daily 'oh-so-dreaded flossing' regime. Always remember, children will mostly do as they see. The most ideal scenario would be to brush after the consumption of candy. If that's not possible, then encourage your child to eat the candy within a few minutes instead of snacking throughout the day, and then wash away some of the sugar by drinking a glass of water. And remember, Halloween is a great time to call My Scottsdale Dentist at 480-614-1122 and get the family scheduled for a check-up!
In the words of Robert Louis Stevenson, "There is only one difference between a long life and a good dinner; that in the dinner, the sweets come last." Enjoy the sweets in moderation and have fun this Halloween!

Post Date: October 15, 2012