Emergency Dental care

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Are you suffering from tooth pain or tooth aches? Does it hurt to chew, swallow, or even when your teeth are at rest? If so, you might need to see a dentist right away, not in the morning and not at your dentist's convenience. My Scottsdale Dentist provides emergency dental services with just a phone call. Dr. Steve Poulos ensures that your visit to My Scottsdale Dentist is nothing but pleasant, welcoming, and comfortable.


If you have had uncomfortable or even frightening visits to a dentist before, you could develop an anxiety about going to the dentist. This, all too common, fear has people missing routine checkups and not getting seen enough by their dentist. Missing regular checkups could lead to even more serious dental complications. My Scottsdale Dentist wants to see you are at your healthiest too! However, in the circumstance of emergency services we can schedule same day appointments and procedures to ease your pain.


Dr. Steve Poulos puts your needs first. He does not want to up-sell clients into anything they may not be able to afford or something they may not need. He wants only the absolute necessities needed to make sure that your dental health is taken care of. Options are always given, but never pressed to the point of driving a client away. Dr. Steve Poulos understands that dental care can be expensive and may take a while to pay off. Clients should not have to pay for anything that is unnecessary.


My Scottsdale Dentist offers a range of services to fit all the needs of you and your family. They range from necessary procedures to cosmetic procedures designed to raise self-esteem and overall approval of your smile. Just some of the services available are: whitening and bleaching of teeth, instant orthodontics and smile lift procedures, silent night treatments to prevent snoring, composite fillings (most commonly used for chipped teeth, gaps between teeth, cracked teeth, or decaying teeth), crowns or caps, denture services, fixed bridges, root canal therapy, periodontal disease, and overall maintenance and cleanings. There is something for everyone at My Scottsdale Dentist and everything is handled in the most sterile way possible to prevent spreading germs from one patient to another.


Our website offers an extensive portfolio with before and after pictures so you can see how much effort and progress we put into restoring smiles for our patients and clients. We demonstrate the work done on implants as well as teeth whitening so you can see the amazing results yourself. We also believe in the power of customer testimonials so you can hear what our clients are saying about our staff, services, pricing and more. You would not go to dentist with doing some research right? Well, at My Scottsdale Dentistwe want you to feel comfortable with your decision to choose us for your dental needs before you even walk through our door.

Post Date: June 28, 2013


Invisalign: North Scottsdale, AZ.




Do having misaligned or crooked teeth make you look unsightly? It can also cause issues such as having difficulty while cleaning your teeth, and if you cannot clean your teeth properly, it can of course lead to many dental diseases. For example, crooked teeth are known to cause bone and gum damage; and also potentially even lose your tooth!


Indeed braces are a great way to get relief from this difficulty, but conventional braces are often not comfortable enough and may even cause the user pain. There are currently many adults who feel embarrassed wearing conventional braces, and are eager to find Invisalign alternatives in Scottsdale, AZ.


However, if you are looking for a viable solution to these issues, then Invisalign may just be right for you. Invisalign is one of the best alternatives to metal braces, and unlike the traditional braces. Invisalign is virtually undetectable to others.



How invisalign works?

Unlike the standard metal braces you may be used to, Invisalign makes your teeth stronger and does not work with wires or brackets. Instead, it works with aligners that are customized, clear and removable appliances. It does so by using latest 3-D technology.





  Why invisalign attachments are needed for you?


  • Invisalign attachments make your oral appearance better. With the exception of a few cases, metal braces make your mouth look unattractive and they are certainly noticeable to other people. Invisalign braces are not noticeable or hardly noticeable to others, and that is why they look better than metal braces.


  • Conventional metal braces cannot be removed without the help of professionals. By contrast, invisalign is easily removable after a short period of time.


  • Wearing invisalign is comfortable and easy.


  • Invisalign does not have any sharp or protruding edges; they are very smooth and clear. That is why these are safe to wear. These are helpful for you because they reduce damages that are usually caused by metal braces.


  • The duration of the treatment is another crucial aspect in wearing braces. The treatment of wearing conventional braces may take almost 5 years. It is a long time treatment; thus it becomes tough to maintain for you. By contrast, invisalign attachments take a maximum of one and a half year.


  • The treatment of wearing invisalign is a clear procedure that allows you to know exactly about the procedure and time duration of treatment. Invisalign done at My Scottsdale Dentist is a fully computerized procedure.



Do you want to get the smile of your dreams?

In order to get the smile of your dreams, you need to make an appointment with www.myscottsdaledentist.com, who can help you by providing you quality treatment.

Dr. Steven Poulos at My Scottsdale Dentist can solve your oral difficulties and help you to get the smile that you have been dreaming of. He is a highly experienced, well-educated and a renowned dentist. He is very dedicated to his patients. He understands you and knows how to solve your dental challenges.


Contact us at www.myscottsdaledentist.com and make an appointment today or call us at 480-614-1122


Post Date: June 27, 2013

Teeth Whitening

In-Office Teeth Whitening: The Best Solution in Scottsdale, AZ



  • Have your teeth become discolored?
  • Want to get rid of yellow/ black/ grey/ brown teeth?
  • Want to transform your life with pleasing smile?


Having discolored teeth can make you feel embarrassed and shy. You cannot smile confidently because of your discolored teeth.


In office teeth whitening in North Scottsdale, Arizona is the best, simple and easiest solution for you. In this modern world, day by day in-office teeth whitening is becoming a more popular procedure.


Why should you whiten your teeth?

The natural color of your teeth depends on various factors. Teeth color may change naturally over time and become discolored, regardless of whether you smoke, develop growth of bacteria or if you only brush your teeth once a day etc.


Teeth color can also change because of consuming certain types of foods and drinks. Dark color drinks such as coffee, cola, red wine, soups and soft drinks can cause discolor and even decay.



While smoking is a cause that makes your teeth discolored, sometimes antibiotics can be the explanation behind your discolored teeth. Alternatively, there are known cases where injuries and traumas have led to teeth blackening, or going grey/brown in color.


How you will be benefited by in-office teeth whitening?

In office teeth whitening is a very fast process, while Home-teeth whitening is a considerably slow process. Unlike home teeth whitening, in-office tooth whitening removes stains from your teeth within a short time, and is taken care of by a professional at North Scottsdale Dentistry.


Do you know?  In-office teeth whitening is the safest and best form of dental bleaching.


It is true in-office teeth whitening is more expensive than home teeth whitening, but it is more useful for the patients. Home teeth whitening is a time consuming process, which also relies on the user using various products on a daily basis. In addition, they are far less effective than in-office tooth whiteners, as major stains on your teeth cannot be removed by home teeth whitening products.


In-office teeth whitening: Do you want to whiten your teeth?

The things you should keep in mind before making an appointment with a Dr. Steven Poulos at My Scottsdale Dentist.


  • Does your dentist have a dental degree?
  • Is your dentist highly experienced?
  • Is he a caring dentist?
  • Does he understand the patients problems?
  • Is his office neat and clean?
  • Does he give his patients enough time?



Dr. Steven Poulos at My Scottsdale Dentist can give you the best solution to get rid of discolored teeth. Dr. Steven Poulos is a highly educated, experienced and professional dentist. He is renowned for his sincerity, dedication and passion for his patients.


Contact us today at www.myscottsdaledentist.com to schedule  your appointment today!


Post Date: June 26, 2013

Dental Implants

Learn More About Dental Implants

North Scottsdale, AZ



  • Have you lost a tooth?
  • Do you face difficulty while eating, chewing or biting foods?
  • Can't smile confidently?


A Dental implant is the proper, easy and simple solution for you. Dental implants can restore your teeth to a state where you can once again eat, talk and feel confident with your teeth. It is a way to replace any of your missing teeth, while also providing a solution to many long term issues.


A Dental implant is a natural replacement of your teeth. Implanted teeth look and function like your natural teeth. They feel natural, and you will not face any difficulty while eating solid foods, drinking or speaking.


There is often questioning as to how permanent dental implant are, and while they may not quite suit a whole lifetime, they have an average life span of around 40 years.


Dental implants are also healthy replacements. They replace the visible deformation of your missing teeth and have no negative side effects.


Unlike any other tooth replacements, dental implants prevent bone desorption. It keeps your jaw healthy by protecting the surrounding teeth and gum tissue.


Chemicals, plaques and bacteria cause damage to your teeth. Dental implants prevent enamel erosion from various chemicals, plaques and from bacteria. The result? Your teeth become well protected and more resistant to the effects of erosion.


One of the most important benefits of dental implants is they enhance the look of your mouth and face area. If you are missing teeth, your mouth does not look nice, and therefore it can be an issue when you are trying to communicate with others. It is likely that your missing teeth will cause you to be constantly conscious of the fact that compared to your peers you do not look attractive, and this can be devastating to your confidence. However, Dental implants in Scottsdale, AZ solve this by filling in the gaps, as well as adding definition to your face.


Did you know? Dental implants are the most advanced process in replacing your missing teeth. Dental implants require the latest technology in order to complete the process of dental implantation, and to make sure that they will be sustainable for the 40 year lifespan.


Another advantage of dental implants that you may not be aware of is how much like normal teeth they are. Just like your natural teeth you can brush and clean your teeth, without some expensive special mouth wash or chemicals.


You can get relief from joint pain with this dental treatment. This is another significant benefit of dental implants.




Indeed dental implants are a great solution if you are having issues with the quality of your teeth, or if you have a condition, which has caused you to lose some of your teeth. Remember, if you invest into having an implant dentist in Scottsdale take a look, you can get your problems analyzed and resolved quickly, before they get out of hand.

Looking for good dentist?

Dr. Steven Poulos is a highly experienced and professional dentist who is very dedicated and caring to his patients. Visit www.myscottsdaledentist.com for a complimentary consultation today or call 480-614-1122.


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Lumineers: North Scottsdale Dentist

My Scottsdale Dentist will Transform Your Smile!

An impressive smile is not only nice; it is also a gift to others. There is nothing in this world that has the potential to assist your business and personal life as having a great smile. However, you cannot impress others with your smile when you have defects on your overall oral health.  Defected teeth, gums or breath have a serious effect on your self-confidence as well as your happiness. If you do suffer from oral defects, and you are searching for an easy way to get rid of these problems, Cosmetic dentistry in Scottsdale, AZ can help you¦.  turn your frown upside down.

Lumineers: The ways to transform your smile

  • Want to transform your smile?
  • Want to impress others with your nice smile?

If you are experiencing issues with your oral hygiene and the overall quality of your teeth, then Lumineers are the best solution for you. Lumineers have become blessings in the Scottsdale cosmetic dentistry industry. Unlike the more traditional veneers, Lumineers are applied directly to your teeth, and still do not cause the removal of your enamel from your teeth.

Lumineers provide a different look to your teeth. Lumineers cover many unexpected and undesirable defects on your teeth.

Lumineers are durable when Dr. Steven Poulos at My Scottsdale Dentist cement them perfectly. They require proper cementation; otherwise these can stain or crack.

It is interesting however to note that actually Lumineers are cheaper in the long run, as they last year after year, while false teeth may only last you one year. Therefore, Lumineers are an inexpensive one-time investment.

Another advantage of lumineers is that they are reversible. If you feel unsatisfied with lumineers, you can simply visit your Lumineer dentist in Scottsdale, AZ and get them removed.

So, whether you are born with discolored cracked teeth or any kind of dental deformities, lumineers can be the best and easiest solution for you. If they sound like something that you may wish to invest in, then you should make an appointment with a Cosmetic dentist in Scottsdale to solve your dental problems.

Do you think that lumineers could be the best solution for your smile? Looking for a dentist in Scottsdale, AZ for your lumineers?

Dr. Steven Poulos at My Scottsdale Dentist is here for you to provide you high quality treatment. He is a highly experienced and educated dentist and he is renowned for his sincere, genuine concerns towards his patients.

The procedure of placing lumineers is critical and complex. Dr. Steven Poulos in North Scottsdale Arizona understands the corrective limitations of placing lumineers on your teeth, and hence makes it his top priority to make sure that you get the most out of your Lumineers experience.

In some cases it is possible that you may have to make three appointments with Dr. Poulos for the whole procedure. The procedures are

  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment
  • Planning
  • Preparation and
  • Bonding

For more information or making an appointment, contact us at www.myscottsdaledentist.com. Call to schedule a FREE consultation at 480-614-1122


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