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Get Your Confidence Back For The Summer, With Implants In A Day

Get Your Confidence Back For The Summer, With Implants In A Day

Can you believe that summer will arrive soon? Well, since summer is getting closer, many people are going to do whatever they can to ensure they will look their best during the summer months. They may want to look their best just for going to the store or they may want to look their best because the are going on vacation.

Whatever the reasons may be, we all want to look our best at all times, or maybe most of the time. We want to feel confident, not only on the outside, but on the inside as well. When we look good, we feel good, right? However, if you have teeth that are missing, loose, or chipped, you may find it difficult to find your confidence when it comes to talking or smiling.

During the summer, you may run into people you have not seen in a while and you will see new faces. You certainly want to make the best impression, and getting implants in a day at My Scottsdale Dentist will ensure you have that smile you have always wanted.

Whether you need new dental implants or you want to replace the implants you currently have, Dr. Steven Poulos and Dr. Sid Stevens can handle all cases. Many patients prefer dental implants over other procedures.

When you have straight teeth and a smile that will light up the room, you will regain your confidence and your self-esteem. With confidence and a great smile, you will no longer feel uncomfortable talking and smiling around people. Many patients see major improvements in their career life, home life, and social life because they are now confident and happy.

Contact us or come into our office if you are ready to have an unforgettable smile.

Teeth In A Day In Scottsdale: You Can Smile Confidently Again

Teeth In A Day In Scottsdale: You Can Smile Confidently Again

Years ago, when people wanted to replace several teeth, it would be a lengthy and costly procedure. A patient would have to go through several surgeries, and it Teeth In A Day In Scottsdale | My Scottsdale Dentistcould take months or years before the entire process was completed. We have certainly come a long way in recent years because now you do not have to wait for months to show someone your new smile.

You can have your new teeth in a day in Scottsdale. All-on-4 is a process for patients who need to have teeth replaced. These patients typically need extensive replacements, and the All-on-4 process is something that will save patients a great amount of time, frustration, discomfort, and of course, money. Patients will have their teeth replaced in just one day, and they will not even need bone grafting.

At My Scottsdale Dentist, Dr. Steven Poulos and Dr. Sid Stevens can help you determine if All-on-4 is the right procedure for you. You will have your mouth scanned, and the images will be used to determine where all of your bones are located, as well as the nerves and sinuses.

We will make sure that we plan your smile before the process is started. All of the teeth that need to be removed will be taken out, and your implants will be put in. Your teeth will then be adapted to your new implants. These are only a few reasons why many patients choose to have this procedure. Here are additional reasons:

  • You can save money by having this procedure
  • You will get quick results
  • There is no bone grafting involved
  • You will not be limited to certain foods
  • You will save a significant amount of time
  • You can smile again, confidently

At My Scottsdale Dentist, we want to have a relationship with our patients so we can all have long-term success when it comes to answering any dental problems you may have.

If you want to learn more about the All-on-4 implants, contact us today.

Imagine Getting Implants in a Day

Imagine Getting Implants in a Day

Can you imagine getting a full set of implants in a day? My Scottsdale Dentist can make this dream a reality. Thanks to an inventive Implants in a day | My Scottsdale Dentistnew dental implant technique, failing or missing teeth can now be replaced with beautiful implants in as little as one day.

There are many different reasons why people lose their teeth. Tooth loss can occur because of injury, gum disease or tooth decay. Until the invention of dental implants, the only available treatment options were dentures and bridges. Today, whether a patient wishes to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth or all of his or her teeth, his or her smile can be beautifully restored quickly and efficiently by the dentists at our practice. We can provide a strong foundation for both removable replacement teeth or for fixed, permanent ones that are custom made to match the patient’s natural tooth color.

Without going through months-long, multiple procedures that drag out over time, getting implants in one day can provide countless benefits. Patients have reported remarkable improvements in their appearance. Some even experience improvements in speech. Eating becomes exponentially less complicated with dental implants, as opposed to eating while wearing dentures. Another great benefit of implants is the fact that the surrounding teeth do not have to be altered, which lessens the risks of tooth damage, and leads to overall better oral health.

Implants in a day are much more durable than dentures. In many cases, with proper care, they can last a patient’s entire lifetime. Implants are as close to the patient’s real teeth as anything can get, and are oftentimes an improvement over the originals.

After they are set into place, there is a recovery period while the implants heal. During this period of time, patients are typically instructed to follow a soft food diet for a number of weeks and to return to their dentists for several checkups to make sure everything is healing according to plans.

Dental implants in a day can change a person’s entire outlook on life, providing that individual with a beautiful smile. Getting implants in one day can help that change happen overnight.

Please contact us to schedule an appointment today.

No, You Can’t Super-Glue Your Loose Implant: Try Cosmetic Dentistry in Scottsdale, AZ Instead

No, You Can’t Super-Glue Your Loose Implant: Try Cosmetic Dentistry in Scottsdale, AZ InsteadCosmetic Dentistry in Scottsdale, AZ   | My Scottsdale Dentist

If you live in North Scottsdale and you’ve had a dental implant, chances are you have the resources to return to the dentist if your implant gets loose.

But you also might be a DIY aficionado and figure, well, if you can caulk your own bathroom, you must surely be able to fix your own implant.

You might find out you’re wrong. You might try some super glue and discover that the moisture from your saliva deactivates the glue. Then you’re left with a mouthful of super-glue clumps and a still-wobbly implant.

You might also order some bonding material online, then try to yank off the implant crown with a pair of pliers. You might then be horrified to learn that your crown was screwed in, not cemented in. You might also shatter the crown.

Having a loose dental implant is not a time to test your handyman abilities. You need trained hands and the latest equipment to pinpoint the cause of your loose implant and employ the best strategy to save it.

First, you have to determine whether it’s just the crown that’s loose, or the implant itself (the metal part that’s inserted into your gums). If it’s the former, then the dentist can remove the crown, clean the abutment and reattach the crown.

If it’s the latter, your implant might be failing and the dentist can take immediate action to help save your implant.

If you’re seeking cosmetic dentistry in Scottsdale, AZ, then look no further. My Scottsdale Dentist is the center for you.

Don’t wait any longer. Contact us and we’ll get you in for an appointment as soon as possible.

If You’re Frustrated with Dentures, Teeth in a Day in Scottsdale, AZ Offers A Solution

If You’re Frustrated with Dentures, Teeth in a Day in Scottsdale, AZ Offers A SolutionTeeth in a Day in Scottsdale, AZ  | My Scottsdale Dentist

Dealing with dentures everyday can be frustrating. You must remove and clean them often, they require messy adhesives to keep them in place, and they increase the chance of gum and bone disease. My Scottsdale Dentist offers Teeth in a Day in Scottsdale, AZ as a permanent solution to failing or missing teeth without the drawbacks of dentures.

Unlike dentures, Teeth in a Day in Scottsdale, AZ are permanent teeth that never have to be taken out. They require no adhesives or special cleaning products. The teeth are permanent implants that are brushed just like your natural teeth. Teeth in a Day, also known as All-on-four, allows a bite with increased force, meaning no more worrying about losing your teeth biting into an apple or other hard foods.

Dentures wear away at the bone they are placed on. The constant grinding leads to bone deterioration and eventually the collapsing of the lower third of the face. As your ridge bone erodes, your chin comes closer to the nose, and your upper lip puckers in. This effect can add years to your appearance. Teeth in a Day prevents bone loss by providing the jaw bone a replacement tooth with a root that is capable of exerting the same amount of pressure as your natural teeth.

The Teeth in a Day system offered by Dr. Poulos and Dr. Stevens gives you the ability to change your smile today. Within 24 hours, you can immediately stop bone loss, stop worrying about the food you eat, and never be without teeth again. Imagine never having to take your dentures out for cleaning or dealing with painful mouth sores from ill-fitting dentures. It’s all possible with the new Teeth in a Day, contact My Scottsdale Dentist for more information.

Get the Look You Want With Implants in a Day

Get the Look You Want With Implants in a Day

When it comes to your appearance, Dr. Steven Poulos and Dr. Sid Stevens at My Scottsdale Dentist know that it is important to get theImplants in a day  | My Scottsdale Dentist look you want as fast as possible. Implants in a day allows you to change your entire smile, fast and with the look you want.

While your permanent implants take a bit longer than a day, you still get to start the process and not have any disruption into how you look. This works by placing temporary implants in a day in while you wait for your permanent ones.

Since the permanent dental implants are surgically placed, this typically takes a few visits that extend out over a few month’s time. In the meantime, the temporary implants allow you to look your best but there is something more important that they achieve; they allow you to see how your permanent implants will look so that you have exactly what you want and aren’t disappointed later. In fact, no one has to know that your teeth are not exactly what nature gave you because no one will be able to tell that you are waiting for the permanent implants.

Dr. Steven Poulos and Dr. Sid Stevens at My Scottsdale Dentist ensure that you are completely satisfied with what you have chosen before you get your permanent implants completed. Not only are you more certain of your new smile but by using Implants in a day, you don’t have to wait to be seen with your new look.

Dental implants help in many areas such as helping to restore the ability to chew, your speech, digestion, bite issues or joint pain, help with facial tissue enhancement or restoration, replacing teeth, or even giving support to a bridge or dentures. Best of all, they make your appearance better so you have more confidence.

If you want to learn more about implants in a day or any other cosmetic procedure, please contact us at the My Scottsdale Dentist.

A Timely Solution for Those Living with the Embarrassment of Missing Teeth: Implants in a Day!

A Timely Solution for Those Living with the Embarrassment of Missing Teeth: Implants in a Day!implants in a day in Scottsdale | My Scottsdale Dentist

Anyone who lives with missing teeth can comprehend the utter feeling of defeat and hopelessness one endures. You are ashamed to eat, speak, and smile, keeping your true self hidden away. Maybe you have avoided dental care because you were unsure about treatment, had budgetary issues, or have anxiety. There is good news! Let Dr. Steven Paulos and Dr. Sid Stevens of My Scottsdale Dentist solve your woes with Implants in a day in Scottadale!

Now being featured is Teeth in a Day, the quick, budget friendly option to a beautiful smile. You will achieve implant-supported, full-arch gorgeous teeth. Call 480-400-8570 to book your FREE implant consultation for Implants in a day in Scottsdale. You will be informed of the process, and all the options available to you!

Still worried about your budget? Inquire about financing with 0% interest for twelve months!

There is no reason not to take the first step and make the call. Educate yourself on how you can take back your smile, and your life. Implants in a day in Scottsdale can change your life.

Be sure to take advantage of our many limited time offers, including our new patient offer for a free exam and x-rays! (For new patients only; can not be combined with any other offers.) Our Smile Getaway Sale is also in full swing!

For all of your dental needs for yourself and your family, from cosmetic to Invisalign, contact us; both Dr. Poulos and Dr. Stevens are there to help. We pride ourselves on providing quality care, and being “The Dental Comfort Center”! Visit the My Scottsdale Dentist website for more information.