Cosmetic Dentist Scottsdale

It used to be that if you considered cosmetic dentistry, you were looking at braces and caps for your teeth.

With all the advances in cosmetic dentistry Scottsdale, the days of limited improvement with maximum cost are gone. Now, while your cosmetic dental treatment plane may well include braces, they could very likely be invisible and removable and cost a great deal less.

The Old Days

In the early days of cosmetic dentistry Scottsdale dentistry, dentures used to be carved out of wood and teeth were whitened with nitric acid! Thankfully, around the middle the last century, we saw dental techniques start to improve. Dentists began using porcelain materials to cap teeth and fill in gaps, and metal braces to straighten teeth.

New Methods

Today, cosmetic dentistry Scottsdale has truly grown into a practice that features high tech and well developed procedures. Metal braces may still be used to straighten teeth but they are getting more and more uncommon. Orthodontics has shifted to the point that most cases are done using clear, plastic aligners that are worn in stages, with each stage straightening your teeth just a little more until the desired result is finally reached.

The new plastic aligners are removable so that patients can remove them when they eat, brush their teeth and other activities. The best part is that treatment typically only lasts for about a year to achieve the results metal braces delivered after 3-4 years.

Cosmetic dentistry Scottsdale uses Porcelain to cap teeth and fill gaps, but the techniques and bonding agent’s uses are highly advanced making the process easier and longer lasting.

While dentures, are still regularly used (and made out of acrylic, not wood), they are starting to be replaced with dental implants, which are basically prosthetic teeth that eventually bond naturally to the gums. Cosmetic dentistry Scottsdale Whitening procedures are much safer for the teeth, and there are a variety of them to choose from.

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