Can You Really Get New Teeth in One Day?

You’ve won the lottery you’re a winner!

The IRS has audited you¦ and they’re sending you a check!

You can make $1,000 a day in your spare time!

If you’ve been around the block once or twice, you know that some things are just too good to be true. Is getting new teeth in a single day one of them?

Here’s the answer: It’s entirely possible to get new teeth in just one day, after your initial consultation at My Scottsdale Dentist. In fact, at our dental implant centers, we do it all the time.

Real Progress, Impressive Results

How do we accomplish this? Welcome to 21st Century dentistry. While the technology behind dental implants isn’t new (it was introduced to North America in the 1982), a number of recent developments have made the procedure quicker, less invasive, less expensive and more predictably successful than ever. Let’s look how this advanced technology, in the hands of our experienced North Scottsdale Dental specialists, we can deliver your new teeth in just one day.

One critical step in the process is obtaining a high-resolution 3-D CAT scan which you will receive at your initial consultation. This three-dimensional virtual model of your mouth not only lets Dr. Poulos see what condition your existing teeth are in it also allows them to tailor a complete implant procedure just for you. In fact, the digital images we create actually show the precise location of anatomical structures in your jaws that it once would have taken surgery to reveal.

Armed with this information, our experienced North Scottsdale Dentists can pre-determine the exact position where the implants should be placed in your mouth taking into account bone quality, implant spacing, and many other factors. It also allows our master lab technicians to create a custom-made set of replacement teeth, designed just for you, before your actual implant procedure begins. While these will later be replaced by permanent implant-supported teeth, they will give you an immediate set of fully functioning and great-looking teeth on the day of your procedure.

The Big Day

When you come in on procedure day, our caring staff will make sure you are relaxed and comfortable. The first specialist you will see will be Dr. Poulos or Dr. Stevens, who will perform any necessary extractions, and then insert the implants in your jaw as planned.  Later in the day, we will carefully place your new teeth on the implants, and make any final adjustments that may be needed to ensure you get a good bite and an attractive smile. We will send you home with any medication you may need, and you will usually be able to resume a full schedule of activities after just a day or so.

Yes, some things really are too good to be true. But happily for most people, getting a great new smile in just one day isn’t one of them. Call us today at 480-614-1122 to schedule a FREE consultation with one of our specialist.

*Qualified patients can have their procedure in one day after initial work up without additional bone graft surgery. Results may vary in individual cases