Lumineers North Scottsdale

Lumineers North Scottsdale

Lumineers North Scottsdale, AZ

For so many people, having large gaps in between teeth, uneven tooth alignment or even chips or cracks can make your smile look so much worse than it should. At My Scottsdale Dentist you can expect to fix those unsightly dental issues painlessly with state-of-the-art lumineers in our Scottsdale AZ office.

In case you have not heard of lumineers before, they are quite simply the more advanced version of a veneers, or laminates. Dental veneers are traditionally adhered to your teeth in the front to correct such common issues as blemishes, discoloration or improper spacing of the teeth.

A lumineer is the newest version of a veneer, and much thinner than traditional veneers. Often times this means that the lumineers can be fitted to your existing teeth much easier, and without as much or little tooth preparation associated with traditional veneers.

Because of the way they are attached to your current teeth, there is most often very little to no pain with a lumineer and healing time is very quick for our patients.

What Issues Can Lumineers Correct?

Lumineers are indicated for a wide variety of dental issues including:

– Chipped or worn teeth

– Pointed or “fanged” teeth

– Stained teeth

– Slight crowding of teeth

– Small teeth

What Can I Expect From the Procedure?

The procedure for installing lumineers on your teeth is fairly straight forward. Generally you will come in and get fitted for a mold, then the finished lumineers will be installed. In many cases Dr. Poulos will be able to finish the installation in just a few visits.

So if you are wishing that your smile could be straighter, brighter and more dazzling it certainly can! With just a few visits to the friendly staff at My Scottsdale Dentist your smile will be on its way to looking its best once again.